Work with Us

Julian Pathways, Inc. provides a number of opportunities to help students, families and our community.  

We often need help in the Julian Elementary School Garden, assisting teachers in the classrooms and more! 

Volunteering Opportunities

Food Day

Food Day is a full day event of learning outside of the normal classroom. Students get to hear from a number of speakers and participate in a variety of activities. Volunteers are needed to assist in the presentations and activities.

School Garden

The garden on the Julian Elementary School campus is not only a beautiful spot filled with flowers, fruit and vegetables, it is also used as an outdoor classroom. Volunteers are needed to keep the garden in tip top shape by weeding, pruning and tending to the many plants.

Classroom Aides

Teachers always need a helping hand. Classroom volunteers are needed to assist teachers with crafts, presentations, field trips and more. 

Holiday Help

Whether is it help shopping for food, toys, supplies or wrapping gifts, volunteers are always needed during the busy holidays. We'd love to have some help with our Christmas gift program, it's our largest program of the year!

Helping Hands

Throughout the school year there are a number of assemblies, programs and day to day help that is needed. For example, each year the school district hosts a field day and a Rachel's Challenge assembly that require extra adults to attend.

If any of these programs interest you or if you have a special skill that you would like to share with Julian Pathways or the Julian Elementary School District, please feel free to send us your contact information at Please be sure to include the following:

We're Hiring!

Currently accepting applications for:

Afterschool Activity Leader or Activity Leader Substitute

works as part of team to provide academic support and lead enrichment activities during the afterschool program 


Please submit an application or send your resume to

Download our paper application form here.

We look forward to working with you!